Media | Twitter is starting to collaborate with news agencies and is taking new steps to fight against the dissemination of false information

Twitter helps its users understand the context of tweets through news.

Twitter begins to work with news agencies to fight against the dissemination of false information.

It will partner with news agency Reuters and the news agency The Associated Press (AP).

Twitter aims to provide reliable information to its users quickly.

In practice it’s about putting tweets in the right context, clarifies On the Twitter blog. One way to do this is through the news.

For example, the user-curated Popular Topics tab highlights current topics that might be of interest to certain people. Through this, people are directed to the news.

Twitter has already said in the pastthat users have sometimes had challenges figuring out why some things are trending on the platform at that very moment. This is clarified, among other things, by means of attached tweets and explanations. Trendy issues are also clarified through news.

Also through the search function, Twitter seeks to bring to the surface primarily reliable sources. In addition, during the most visible events, such as elections or crisis situations, users are directed to appropriate sources to find information on, for example, voting and vaccinations.

In addition to these actions, the platform marks Tweets, which may contain misleading information on various topics.

Cooperation with news agencies is, at least initially, limited to English-only content.

At issue is the first time Twitter has officially partnered with news agencies.

A more precise timetable for starting cooperation has not yet been announced.

Twitter has in the past tried to reduce the possibility of spreading false or misleading information through its platform. Through a program called Birdwatch, launched this year, the platform asked its users to tell us about tweets where the facts aren’t right.

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