Media | The Public Speech Council is investigating the publication of the image of the child of the President of the Republic and the secret image of the Prime Minister – complaints came from private individuals

Care must be taken to protect the privacy of minors, says the chairman of JSN.

Public the word has been taken up by the President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö and ma’am Jenni Haukion the publication of a picture of the child and the Prime Minister Sanna Marinista (sd) the publication of the captured image.

There have been two complaints about the publication of the picture of the president’s family, both of which relate to Iltalehti. The conspiracy about the prime minister and the related story published in Seiska have become one complaint.

Neither the presidential couple has complained about it nor the prime minister.

“Complaints have come from private individuals,” the chairman of JSN Eero Hyvönen says.

The picture of the presidential couple and their child was taken and distributed by the photo agency Lehtikuva, and was published in other media in addition to Iltalehti. The protection of the child’s privacy is central to the JSN’s deliberations.

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JSN: n According to the press release, there are preconditions for the discussion, as the issue has a wider social significance and the President has also proposed a public debate on the topic in the media and in the Public Speech Council.

Hyvönen says that the journalist’s instructions talk about filming in a public place separately.

“Particular care must be taken to protect the public of minors.”

In connection with the secret picture taken of the Prime Minister, the appearance of the Prime Minister was commented on, and the complaint about the matter is dealt with in the JSN from the point of view of respect for human dignity.

Good complaints about the publication of the photograph are rare in JSN.

“The protection of the privacy of decision-makers was, of course, much discussed at the time, Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen and Susan Kurosen in that case. “

In 2007, Vanonen’s (middle) ex-girlfriend Kuronen published a memoir about the relationship. The old man felt that the book violated his privacy and made a request for an investigation into the matter, which eventually led to prosecution and litigation. Kuronen and the publisher of the book were fined for disseminating private information.

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“Finland has been quite reluctant about pictures depicting the private lives of decision-makers and public figures, but social media has changed the situation,” says Eero Hyvönen.

“Decision-makers themselves use social media and disseminate images of themselves.”

In general, however, policy makers do not complain to the JSN about matters that concern them.

“They come from other public figures a few years a year,” says Hyvönen.

STT-Lehtikuva and Helsingin Sanomat are part of the same Sanoma Group.

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