Media | Lauri Markkanen and Kevin Lankinen received incense from an American channel in Finnish

Lauri Markkanen and Kevin Lankinen succeeded in their teams’ winning games.

Chicago Finns Lauri Markkanen and Kevin Lankinen did great on their night between Friday and Saturday in their own matches.

The duo’s performances were so good that the sports channel NBC Sports Chicago glowed the city’s blue and white sports stars in Finnish.

“We love,” the channel’s Twitter account was declared.

The message was enhanced by the emo depicting the Finnish flag, ie a picture symbol.

Markkanen, 23, bagged 23 points as the Chicago Bulls knocked down basketball in the NBA on Charlotte Hornets ’away parquet, reading 123-110.

Lankinen, 25, defeated 30 times when the Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Detroit Red Wings 4-1 in hockey in the NHL.

The victory fought at home was the first for the spring 2019 world champion in the NHL. Lankinen got a taste of victory in the second NHL match of his career.

“What can I say? Friday night in Chicago, a home opening at the United Center and you get your first win in the NHL. Only the fans were missing, but otherwise it feels great, ”Lankinen said According to the NHL website.


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