Media | IFJ: 67 journalists killed on the job this year

According to the journalists’ association, there are 375 journalists imprisoned for their work.

International the journalist organization IFJ says that 67 journalists have died so far this year.

According to the organization, 12 journalists have died in Ukraine, which is more than in any other country this year. Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, and many of the journalists killed in Ukraine were killed in the first weeks of the war.

Increased unrest and crime in Mexico and Haiti have also led to an increase in journalist deaths.

According to the IFJ, last year 47 journalists died on the job.

There are 375 journalists imprisoned for their work, and according to the IFJ, their number has increased by ten compared to last year. The most imprisoned journalists are in China, including Hong Kong, as well as in Myanmar and Turkey.

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