Media | Finns’ confidence in the news increased during the Korona period

In Finland, the share of those who trust the news was the largest in comparison between countries.

Nearly three out of four Finns say they trust the news they follow. The share has increased by four percentage points from the previous year.

The Media Research Foundation reports on the results of a recent survey in its release.

The share of Finns who trust most news, on the other hand, increased by 9 percentage points year-on-year. Their share in the most recent survey is 65 percent of respondents.

In Finland, the proportion of people who trusted the news was the highest in the countries surveyed. Finland has also been at the forefront of the survey in previous years.

The moderate level of trust is thought to be due to the general trust of Finns in institutions, the release states. However, in recent years, confidence in the news has also been declining in Finland.

– In the decline of previous years, there have been indications of the polarization of society. In times of crisis, on the other hand, it is typical for people’s confidence in democracy and politics to be emphasized, Director of the Media Research Foundation Noora Alanne notes in the release.

Social In a survey, just under a fifth of Finns trust the media. Search engine news, meanwhile, said it trusts about a third.

The difference in trust in news in general and in news on social media was larger in Finland than in any other study country.

Reuters Institute of the University of Oxford Digital News Report study compares the use of news annually in 46 countries. The data are based on a survey of around 2,000 respondents in each country.

Finland has been involved since 2014.



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