Media | An announcement presenting Hungary’s EU theses was published in Kauppalehti – rejected from many other European magazines

Editor-in-Chief Ahosniemi justifies the publication with freedom of speech.

5.7. 18:10

Kauppalehti has so far been the only Finnish newspaper to publish the controversial announcement of the Hungarian government. Prime minister Viktor Orbanin In a paid declaration signed by the EU, the Hungarian government called for, among other things, a halt to EU integration, a reduction in the power of the European Parliament and the accession of Serbia to the EU.

Editor-in-Chief of Kauppalehti Arno Ahosniemi justifies the publication with freedom of expression. The threshold for rejecting the declaration of an elected government in an EU member state is high, he says.

“In my opinion, the task of the media is to create discussion and dialogue. It must also be possible to express controversial opinions,” Ahosniemi tells STT.

Many European newspapers have refused to publish the notice. In Finland, Helsingin Sanomat rejected it, editor-in-chief Kaius Niemen because the Orban government is trampling on freedom of the press.

Ahosniemi says that Kauppalehti commented on the situation in Hungary in the week after Midsummer. In the editorial On 29 June, Kauppalehti points out that the EU countries are committed to common values ​​in the Treaties, which include respect for human rights, freedom, equality and the rule of law.

“If Hungary does not share these common values, it is quite appropriate to ask why Hungary belongs to the Union,” Kauppalehti states in the editorial.

Hungary the board’s announcement was offered to Kauppalehti even before midsummer, so the decision was not hasty.

“If it (the announcement) had been about the rights of minorities that were discussed at the EU summit, it would have been different, but here we are talking about the development of the EU,” says Ahosniemi.

“Things are not just black and white. I do not think Hungary is clearly bad.”

In an alarming statement, Hungary warns of the dangers of immigration and global pandemics and calls for the peoples of Europe to be protected from them.

Dutch Assistant Professor of European Policy at the University of Groningen Leonie de Jonge has compiled guidelines for European newspapers in the Orban announcement. About the review appearsthat Dagens Industri, which is responsible for Kauppalehti in Sweden, published the announcement, as did the Danish Muhammad caricatures published by Jyllands-Posten in recent years.

Sanoma, which publishes Helsingin Sanomat, is STT’s main owner.



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