Media | Alibi hired Jari Aarnio as a columnist – “Crime stories interest people,” says editor-in-chief

A convicted criminal writes about his own legal process.

Alibi magazine has recruited as a columnist the former head of the Helsinki Drug Police in prison Jari Aarnion.

“This is perfectly normal for a crime magazine,” says the magazine’s editor-in-chief Mika Lahtonen.

“People are interested in the stories of criminals, it is also reflected in the phenomenon of true crime. Alibi has served as a columnist over the years with numerous convictions for crimes, among others Lauri Johansson, Jan Jalutsi and Matti ‘Volvo’ Markkanen”Lahtonen reminds.

Primeval has received final judgments for a total of 13 years. He was first sentenced to three years in prison in a case involving the monitoring equipment company Trevoc, and he has served that sentence.

Aarnio’s ten-year sentence for, among other things, aggravated drug and official crimes, which he is currently committing, is also final.

This fall, the Court of Appeal is hearing the life sentence handed down by the District Court last year for the October 2003 murder. According to the district court, Aarnio knew about the murder project, but as a police officer he did not prevent it.

First Aarnio’s Alibi column was released on Friday. He writes in it about his own lawsuit in the Court of Appeal.

The Court of Appeal weighs Aarnio and Keijo Vilhusen cross-conceptions of murder and what Aarnio knew about it.

“The prosecutor thinks Keijo Vilhunen is the perpetrator of the murder and at the same time he calmed the murder he committed himself for the police. I have seen all kinds of calving, but I have never seen anything like this, ”Aarnio writes and at the same time talks about the appearance of the corona in general in prison.

According to the magazine, Aarnio writes his columns by hand and they are written clean in the editorial.

“Alibissa a similar fact-checking is performed as in other media, ”says Lahtonen.

“The column is different in the sense that it’s not a thing built by the editorial. A word in a column means a short article published in its own column, in which the columnist usually presents his or her own opinions on a topical issue. So the column is never or in any media an ‘official fact’, it is just an opinion, ”Lahtonen says.

“Aarnio’s writings do not represent Alibi’s position on any issues,” he emphasizes.

Journalism However, the Public Speech Council considers that Journalist’s instructions apply to all forms of journalism, including columns published by the editorial board. Decisions on opinion papers and columns have also come to the media, President of the Public Speech Council Eero Hyvönen resemble.

“Opinions and facts need to be able to be distinguished. The looseness of the message is greater in the columns, but material factual errors must be corrected. ”

Lahtonen says that he considers it “an absolute principle that the column is not changed by the editor”.

“If a columnist happened to write just‘ silly nonsense ’, sooner the writing would go unpublished,” he says.

Aarnion hiring a columnist is not against JSN’s line.

“Aarnio has freedom of speech, and of course Alibi has the right to choose his columnist,” Hyvönen says.

Hyvönen does not take a position in advance on individual cases that may become a complaint to the JSN.

“Based on the Alib news, it looks like Aarnio is writing about his own lawsuit. In this context, it is good to remember that Journalist Guideline No. 35 prohibits improper attempts to influence court decisions in the course of legal proceedings, ”he recalls.

This was one of the reasons in 2017 to be dropped, which Iltalehti received at the time.

“The fallen came from a case that the Council considered to be uncritical of the source and improperly sought to influence the pending trial. The story was about a book about Aarnio’s case, which Aarnio himself had been involved in making, ”Hyvönen says.

Alibi, on the other hand, has not received any results from Aarnio’s follow-up, nor has he remembered any of his writings in recent years, Lahtonen reminds.

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