Medal coffees Bronze medalist Matti Mattsson became sensitive in the middle of his loved ones: “This time the journey home did not end in disappointment”

The medal coffees of the Olympic bronze medalist Matti Mattsson were celebrated in Pori with the help of about 20 relatives.


At last Matti Mattsson stands in the middle of his loved ones at the Gome lunch restaurant in Karjaranta, Pori, where the manager Sami Hautaniemi has, on a fast schedule, arranged medal coffees in honor of the man.

Mattsson has a tremendous trip to Tokyo and back. The last day has accommodated nearly ten hours on the plane, a media mill and countless congratulations.

“I promised Mati that this would be a set of no more than an hour,” Manager Hautamäki laughs as he welcomed Mattsson’s loved ones to the medal coffee.

One more congratulations and cup-raising to Matti Mattsson and the coach Eetu Karvonen in honor of.

Together, they have achieved something that few can do. The Olympic bronze medal hanging around Mattson’s neck is a testament to that.

Matti Mattssonin says that he realized his achievements on the way home.

Known the route from Helsinki via Tampere to Pori has often been disappointing.

“I got such a flashback there when we drove over the bridge over the Kokemäenjoki, and Cupori stays right in it. It has often been driven past in frustration. While it is always a pleasure to return home to the family, this time the situation was completely different. That’s when it struck me a bit that the Olympic dream has been achieved here, ”Mattsson describes his feelings.

Seeing you again with the children was an emotional moment.

“Yes, that dropped the lens. Especially Twig already understands well when the father is away for a long time. It’s a great feeling to get a child back in your arms, ”Mattsson sums up.

The warm relationship between father and daughter is also visible during coffee. When Mattsson moves during his thanksgiving speech, daughter Varpu runs to hug his father’s leg.

Olympic medalist or not, the main thing for the daughter is that the father is now at home.

Matti Mattsson arrived for his medal coffees after almost ten hours of flight. After this, the family can go to the cottage to relax together.

Matti Luhtanen, chairman of the Pori Swimming Club, handed Matti Mattsson and Eetu Karvonen hammocks where they can relax after a great performance. No time limit was set for Mattsson’s relaxation, but Karvonen’s work will continue on Monday.

Coach Eetu Karvonen said that he missed his family very much. His wife Marjaana Karvonen also arrived to pick up her husband at Helsinki Airport. The father of the eight-month-old daughter Lilja got into her arms again after arriving in Pori.

Matti Mattsson’s sister Elise Kainulainen gave Juha Vuorinen a pocket with her brother in Tokyo, in which she had written powerful foreword to the cover. One word was “maamo,” the siblings ’90-year-old sports-crazy grandmother, Matti Mattsson’s biggest fan. Pictured on the right is Mattsson’s mother Päivi Koivu.

Aino-Maija Luukkonen, Mayor of Pori, Matti Luhtanen, President of the Pori Swimming Club, and Esa Kohtamäki, City Director of the City, had also arrived for medal coffees.

Matti Mattsson only realized the greatness of his achievement on the way home. The Olympic bronze medal is surprisingly large, thick and heavy.

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