Me & He Andy McCoy forced Timo Jutila to work out, and now Jutila loves Andy – “I never would have thought!”

Andy McCoy, 2.5, Jack Russell Terrier Timo Jutila, 58, entrepreneur, former hockey player

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Wife it was invented by the name Andy McCoy. I said what’s in it. There are many stories about that real Andy McCoy, and so are our Andy.

The wife and son got the idea three years ago for that dog. I was opposed at first because we will have another hundred travel days a year and miles a lot. All the same, a breeder was found in Lempäälä. The wife and son started tracking the puppies online. They came to show me too, and I tried to keep a little distance.

There were six puppies and Andy was the only one who was black and white. Then things went on to start thinking about what to choose. I said definitely definitely black and white. It already stands out from the crowd. When the other puppies went to sleep, it stabbed them awake. And when they awoke, it began to sleep. It has character.

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Then he came home. I would never have thought it would become a friend like this. That’s so attached to Andy McCoy.

Andy is really active and it has been good for me. I’ve probably walked a thousand miles more when there’s a dog. Walking is one thing, but then there is that spiritual side. Also this morning it came to wake up at eight. I wonder how miraculously that is always so well done and why not myself. How can be about life-loving and carefree. It’s nice to wake up when you know that point is coming. Andy has mentally brought so much that I would by no means agree to give it up. It has become a life partner. An important part of our palette.

At our house is a company that organizes various events. We are a partner of the Ice Hockey Association in the sale of chip packages at the World Championships. I have met a lot of nice people jogging with Andy. Actually, Andy has made such contacts for me that more than a hundred packages of talks have been sold for the Games. Those shops would never have come without Andy. And that doesn’t even talk. I wonder how much it would sell if it spoke. That dog money is the seller of the year!

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Andy is really caring. The boy is in the army, the son of Jere, and once the boy came on vacation. I crawled up here in the NHL and heard Jere go to the sauna. I got tired and went to sleep. In the morning, the boy said Andy had come to wake it up at night. Jere had gone to cover that with what it had in mind. It had gone to the bathroom room door and hit the door with two paws. Jere opened the door, and Andy went inside. The boy had badly closed the water tap, and water dripped from it. Andy had watched the boy in it, leaving the faucet open.

I’ve been thinking about getting what space. You give it something, and it will come back. ”

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