May Day Who is the “shelved ambassador” who has been pushing his positives in Ullanlinnanmäki for 40 years? In his youth, the famous cartoonist had a vision that changed the May Day of Helsinki permanently

According to Paakkanen, leaning for several hours and “cranking a squirrel” year after year in the same place brings the May Day people to the stories.

Which May Day from 1982 onwards, with the exception of two interest-bearing periods, Heikki Paakkanen has been playing positive in Ullanlinnanmäki, Helsinki.

“I’m always in the same place below the slope that starts between the restaurant pavilion and the observatory. Sleet and sludge have not prevented it. ”

It is also a tradition for Paakkanen to drive to Ullanlinnanmäki from Vallila on a tricycle. The bike has a large box in which he packs a positive he once bought from Germany. The holiday home is a tuxedo made by Paakkanen’s father in Vyborg in the 1930s. Paakkanen describes his May Day style as gentle.

“I look like a shelved ambassador or secretary.”

The idea He performed on May Day in Ullanlinnanmäki in 1981 when he came from the bitter Kaivopuisto.

“I mistakenly thought I was a white student hat. The May Day picnic in Kaivopuisto was not part of my experience at the time, and I was startled by the enormous crowd. ”

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Seeing the crowd, Paakkanen added one plus one.

“Hugely drunk people with pockets full of money. As a result of realizing this economic anxiety, I have been there every day on May Day, ”says Paakkanen, explaining that the positives of earnings are based on begging and alms.

“The music I play is awful to hear. I have stumbled upon myself as a musician, even though it is a matter of owning a production medium. ”

Positive In addition to playing, Paakkanen has distributed lucky magazines to the people of Vappu from the beginning. They are pieces of paper in which he has written “loosely poetic horoscope couples promising happiness, harmony, love, and wealth”.

For example, such a text from a lucky magazine dates back to the 21st century: “You may fall and stumble, shaking, collapsing. Deviate to fall, slip slippery, fall diagonally, overturn. The resurrection is neither constant nor nothing.

The style of Paakkanen’s poems has changed over the decades as he got tired of the beat. Once he even decided to start writing misfortune poems. Fortunately, his wise wife intervened. The wife said that Paakkanen cannot distribute to people who may be sad. He must remember his responsibilities.

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Paakkanen also practices creativity as a cartoonist. He is H. Paakkanen, a cartoonist familiar from Ilta-Sanomat, and was awarded the Finnish Comic Society’s Puupäähattu recognition prize in 2013.

Over the years, Heikki Paakkanen has made new friends and acquaintances in Kaivopuisto.

In the well park he is known.

Leaning for several hours and cranking out that rant will cause what I like. There’s all sorts of weird walkers and damage there. I have had regular friends who will greet and, as it were, make sure they are alive and I am alive. ”

When a person who has taken a break from Kaivopuisto for years can see Paakkanen with his positive, he feels that there is something permanent that can be trusted.

Paakkanen has remembered a rainy May Day, when he left Ullanlinnanmäki early in the afternoon.

“A quarreling couple with their children were quarreling with each other. When they saw me on my way home, they forgot their argument and started adjusting to me because they said they came to Kaivopuisto just for me. ”

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At that moment, Paakkanen realized that he had a job to do.

Examples of Labor Day events in the Helsinki metropolitan area

In Helsinki:

  • 9.05 am Concert of the Student Union Singers in Kaivopuisto at the foot of the observatory. The traditional outdoor picnic continues all day in Kaivopuisto.

  • At 11.30, the Helsinki Labor Day march departs from Hakaniemi Square towards Rautatientori. Rautatientori has speeches and music in the program.

In Espoo:

  • 1 pm May Day in Souka resident park. A drug-free May Day event for the whole family. A cane race track, a hat and a picnic, among other things.

In Vantaa:

  • 10–13 MLL The traditional May Day event for the children of Aviapolis in Illenpuisto.

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