May Day Manta gets his hat remotely, a May Day concert takes you to the virtual Senate Square and Vallisaari

Apulanta and Stig will perform at the May Day concert.

Havis The statue of Amanda will be painted this year too. Last year, Manta’s varnishing took place virtually in the scenery of Senate Square, but this time Manta will remain in place at the Market Square.

The student union of Hanken Svenska handelshögskolan, which is in the process of varnishing, will varnish Manta before May Day. The varnish can be seen in Yle Arena, for example, on May Day in the early evening.

For May Day, Havis Amanda is again protected by a fence.

Crown restrictions on public events are valid on May Day. The restriction on gatherings of more than six people is coming to an end on Labor Day, but the Metropolitan Corona Coordination Group recommended that this restriction be extended until mid-May on Tuesday.

Virtual Senate Square is the stage on the May Day show on May Day, where Apulanta and Stig perform. In addition to Senate Square, the public can also access the virtual Vallisaari.

The concert can be watched for free on May Day at Nelonen and Ruudu.

The concert will be performed by Zoan, who specializes in virtual technology and was organizing the Senate Square Virtual May Day last year.

The city of Helsinki will not be preparing for May Day celebrations with extra rubbish or toilets. No new permits will be issued for commercial activities on May Day and no seasonal sales outlets will be rented.

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