Martial arts Massive contestants hit each other with an open palm in a video – “Crazy Hawaiian” is a pioneer of a special sport in the United States

The popularity of slapping as an entertaining sport is growing in the United States.

Audience counts to three and then slams. In a slap fight, the two competitors take turns distributing the blow with the palm of their hand. Blows will be distributed until the other surrenders, knocks out or the referee interrupts the match.

The special form of competition is not really a new invention, but now the entertainment value of the match form is on the rise and it has even established its own competition organizations.

It’s not just about light punches, as matches are often lost by knockout.

Da Crazy Hawaiian with the match name shocking Layne Kailiilauokeko Viernes is currently considered the toughest slap fight wrestler in the United States. He is 183 centimeters and weighs 168 pounds.

“I want to be a pioneer of the sport,” Viernes says ABCnews in an interview.

Viernes has grown on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, but now lives in Springfield, Missouri, USA.

He has a sports background in football, wrestling and boxing. He got excited about slapping in 2018 after seeing a Russian on video Vasily “Dumpling” Kamotsky, considered the toughest champion of the sport.

“I saw him and thought that’s what I want to do. Everyone thought I was kidding. ”

But Viernes was serious. He saw a notice of the races and called the race organizer to get involved.

The star’s wildest match has been viewed on Youtube about 1.4 million times. In it, Da Crazy Hawaiian faced Hillbilly in a Battle of the Hippies, where neither agreed to turn the other cheek.

Eventually, Vierens’ opponent got such that he fell to the ground and needed three people to lift him from there.

Watch the Slapfight Championship promotion video from the match.

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