Marketing Kim Kardashian advertised Finnish tentacles for free to nearly 240 million followers, business owners puzzled: “No deal has been made”

World star Kim Kardashian advertised Finnish Long Drink to her 239 million followers, even though the company had paid Kardashian nothing.

A few one of the founders of The Long Drink Company, which conquered the U.S. alcohol market for the year Mikael Taipale laughs that never before have Finns been as interested in the company’s affairs as in the previous couple of hours.

Some of the most watched and influential stars on Instagram Kim Kardashian put out a picture of the company’s cans and followed a link to the tentacle company’s own Instagram page. You can see Kardashian’s publication if you want him Instagram profile in the story section.

“Every kind of celebrity has been brought out and a press has been made, but nothing has become so buzzing about anything,” Taipale commented.

The company owned by the Finnish founders Taipale, Sakari Manninen and Ere Partasen in addition, Norwegian DJ star Kygo, an actor, among others Miles Teller and a golfer Rickie Fowler.

According to Taipale, celebrity owners have sent samples to their own friends along the way and always occasionally one of them puts a mention on their own social media channel. In addition, the company has its own public relations team that systematically sends tentacles to the people we follow to taste.

“We knew the stuff had been sent to Kim as well. We have not made any deal with him. ”

In practice, the tentacle company thus got a free ad space on Instagram for Kim Kardashian’s 239 million followers. Many US media according to Kardashian can charge hundreds of thousands per photo on Instagram.

Taipale whispers that now they can follow the effectiveness of Kardashian’s Instagram without pressure.

“There’s no pressure to monitor for value for money when we didn’t pay anything. It will be very interesting to see what the impact is. ”

Mikael Taipale, one of the founders of The Long Drink Company, is delighted with the company’s free visibility.

In the alcohol sector According to Taipale, the effect is difficult to calculate anyway, as sales data always lags behind.

“We do not receive data when the customer has purchased the product, but when the store orders more from the distributor. There is always a delay. In principle, you can now see if there are any repeat orders within a couple of weeks. ”

Taipale says he is a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of Instagram advertising.

“Those shockingly expensive posts. The personal view is that it’s hard to get the full value back. On the other hand, it is difficult to measure all the effects that can come through quite a few steps. ”

When Taipale, Manninen and Partanen left Finland a few years ago to sell tentacles, they wanted to create a whole new category for the US alcohol market.

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This in, Hartwall also announced that he was leaving for the United States to sell his traditional tentacles. Taipale welcomes the company to the market.

“We knew that if we succeed in our work, there will be others. A category is a category only when there are several brands. ”

“Hopefully Hartwall will continue to grow the category, and it won’t just follow our success to take a slice of us. There is enough cake to share. ”



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