Man tried to rob a store, but the owner shot him


The business owner shot the thief

The business owner shot the thief


Security camera

The business owner shot the robber

The incident was recorded on a business security camera.

A Gun store in Mableton, Georgia, in the United Stateswas attacked by two assailants who intended to steal, but their plan was thwarted after the owner took a gun to defend himself.

One of the assailants died on the spot and the other managed to flee after the store owner reacted quickly and turned the gun on the robbers.

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Jimmy Groover, 64, is the owner of the gun store and at the time of the robbery he was accompanied by an employee. The incident was recorded on a security camera.

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In the recording you can see first one of the robbers entering the premises with a mask on his face and pointing his gun at Grooverwho was behind.

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As soon as the store owner realized what was happening, he turned around, drew his pistol and fired two shots from the counter. The thief immediately fell to the ground.

But Groover did not stop and immediately pointed at the other thief, who was near the door of the store, but he managed to flee unharmed.

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Groover was interviewed about it by local media and He assured that he was not at all moved by what he had done and that he was actually very sadbecause he had never had to experience a situation of this type in the 30 years that his premises have been in business.

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“I had no other choice. He threatened to kill and opened fire. I want to protect the lives of the employees, so I have to defend myself. This is a tragedy. A tragedy for everyone,” he said.

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