Malta Report: Maltese state responsible for journalist murder – Politicians create ‘favorable climate’ for murder, state did not do enough to protect journalist

Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia died in a car bomb attack in 2017.

Malta the state is responsible for investigating the journalist Daphne Caruana Galizian murder, says the committee that investigated the case.

Caruna Galizia died in a car bomb attack in October 2017.

The committee’s 437-page report says the state had failed to identify the life-threatening risks of the supplier and had not taken sufficient steps to avoid the risks.

The need for protection was obvious, according to the report.

The matter is reported by the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC as well as a Maltese newspaper The Times of Malta.

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Report according to the highest authorities in Malta, in particular the then Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, created a “culture of integrity”.

The culture spread to other institutions, such as the police, which was why there was a “favorable atmosphere” for killing a journalist, with minimal consequences.

Caruna Galizia had previously investigated corruption in the country, often involving high-ranking politicians. In 2017, he had revealed that Prime Minister Muscat was suspected of being involved in a tax haven leak on Panama papers. Due to the revelation, early elections were held in the country.

A report by judges states that the country’s politics and business are too intertwined. Large companies have been allowed to carry out their projects with little supervision and manipulation by high authorities.

Muscat resigned as prime minister in 2019 when Muscat’s associates were joined in the murder investigation.

Shortly before his resignation, Muscat authorized the clearing committee to open investigations in which numerous witnesses, including forensic investigators, politicians and journalists, had been heard over the past two years.

In studies no evidence was found that the government was involved in the murder. However, politicians targeted Caruana Galizia’s long-running harassment and hate speech campaigns.

Three people are charged with the murder of Caruna Galizia, one of whom pleaded guilty in February and received a 15-year prison sentence. In addition, one Maltese businessman is accused of involvement in the murder.



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