Mali | The Russian-backed Malian military junta expelled the UN human rights leader

The military junta has repeatedly prevented members of the UN peacekeeping mission from investigating reported human rights violations.

of West Africa The military junta leading Mali expels the head of the UN peacekeeping mission Minusma’s human rights division from the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mali declared that Guillaume Ngefa at Atonodok Andal have two days to leave the country.

The deportation decision was made by a Malian human rights activist Aminata Cheick Dickon In the wake of his speech to the UN Security Council last week. In the speech, the activist condemned the new Russian military partners of the Malian junta for human rights violations.

“This measure is the result of Mr. Andal’s destabilizing and subversive actions,” the Malian government said in a televised statement.

According to the UN Mercenaries from the Russian Wagner group, which supports the Malian armed forces, are suspected of having participated in the executions of hundreds of people in March last year.

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The goal of the Minusma operation, which started in 2013, was to stabilize Mali and defend the country from jihadists, who have become an increasingly large threat. However, the country’s security situation has only continued to deteriorate.

Mali’s military junta has repeatedly prevented Minusma members from investigating numerous reported human rights violations that have been blamed on the country’s armed forces.

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