Maintenance Some kindergarten children cannot go outside in Helsinki due to a dangerous slippery yard – “we have sanded ourselves”

Kalle Masali, the head of the management team 2 from the urban environment industry, says that some of the kindergartens’ yards cannot be managed mechanically.

Part Helsinki’s kindergarten children and kindergarten workers have slipped in icy yards this week. Some kindergarten groups have skipped outdoor activities if there has been both a slippery yard and very wet weather at the same time, i.e. puddles in the yard.

The yards of the City of Helsinki’s kindergartens are 95% taken care of by Palmia and the property maintenance Talosyke, with whom the City of Helsinki’s Urban Environment Division has entered into agreements.

Hosting team Chief of 2 Kalle Masalin the urban environment industry is well aware of the slipperiness problem.

“There are about 750 education and training sites, ie schools, educational institutions and kindergartens, in Helsinki. We have property management agreements for all sites, which include winter maintenance and anti-slip treatment.”

Maintenance maps have been made for the sites, in which the routes are marked as areas that include both winter maintenance and anti-slip.

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“Areas outside the routes can be slippery and icy depending on the day.”

Masalin according to which the control of the slipperiness of the whole yard cannot be managed.

One reason is the number of yards to be maintained, but also the difference in yards.

“Schools can have large yards, allowing them to plow large areas mechanically. Kindergartens may have play equipment in the yard and fences inside the yard. In them, mechanical winter maintenance is not just possible on routes. ”

On the other hand, there are not enough workers for all items in the hand game to beat the ice or sand.

According to Masalin, it is well known that slippery yards are also dangerous.

“It’s a tough requirement for staff because there are a lot of kids. It is also not a good solution to take time off completely. ”

Kallion, Sörkan and Director of Terhi Kindergartens on Fifth Line Janne Kyyhkynen says that as a rule, the yards in kindergartens are well maintained, but at times there have been problems.

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“Yes, there have been problems with yard maintenance this week as well. The beginning of the week was both a slippery yard and a wet weather, then I understand some group has stayed inside. ”

Palmia and the maintenance company of the third housing company are responsible for managing the yards of the Sörkä and Kallio kindergartens, because the yard of the kindergarten is shared with the housing association.

“We have had both situations where the yard has been well cared for and situations where we have had to restrict outdoor activities in the yard or we have sanded the yard ourselves,” says Kyyhkynen.

The pigeon finds an understanding that it is almost impossible to completely manage the yards in the cold, causing the yard to freeze and thaw alternately.

“That’s when maintenance often gets late for sanding.”

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