Madrid tightens lockdown as Corona cases rise

A man wearing a face mask walks past the cultural center amid the coronavirus disease outbreak in Madrid

The Spanish capital, Madrid, announced today, Saturday, that it will tighten the lockdown it imposed, in light of the rise in new cases of Coronavirus again.
A night curfew will be introduced in the city from next Monday one hour to 10 pm (2100 GMT) in line with many other Spanish regions.
Restaurants in the capital are still open, but must close by 9 p.m., at the latest, and can only serve groups of up to four people.
And Spanish authorities banned gatherings between different families in homes.
On Friday, the capital recorded an average of 495 injuries for seven days per 100,000 residents. Nationwide, the average figure is 410.
Experts fear the death toll will rise again, as a result of the rise in infections.
The total number of confirmed cases of the new Corona virus in Spain had reached 2.5 million as of 7:30 am today, Saturday, Madrid time, according to data from Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg News.
The data showed that the total number of deaths due to infection with the virus in Spain reached 55,441 cases.
According to the data, 150,376 of the infected people have recovered from the “Covid 19-” disease caused by infection with the virus.
And Spain announced the registration of the first case of the emerging coronavirus in the country about 51 weeks ago.

Source: Agencies


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