Madagascar | Madagascar has already arrested 21 people in connection with the plot to assassinate the country’s president – among five generals

According to the Minister of Justice, the latest arrests include 12 members of the armed forces and police.

Madagascar the justice minister says authorities have made further arrests in connection with the assassination attempt on the country’s president. The news agency AFP reports this.

Among the most recent arrests is the Minister of Justice Berthine Razafiarivonyn including 12 members of the armed forces and police. Five of those arrested are generals, two are captains and five are non-commissioned officers.

In connection with the arrests, authorities confiscated more than 209,000 euros, two cars and a shotgun.

Arguments the plot of the assassination emerged after months of unrest. The unrest has also threatened journalists who have reported a corona epidemic in the country and a famine threatening the southern parts of the country.

In connection with the assassination room, six people had already been arrested in the country. There are now 21 detainees in total.

Current president Andry Rajoelina first came to power in 2009 with military assistance. Hery Rajaonarimampianina replaced him as president five years later in 2014, but former coup leader Rajoelina rose to president again in 2019.



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