Luis Díaz and Liverpool receive a new bucket of cold water: their future is entangled



Luis Díaz scored his first goal of the season with Liverpool | Time

Luis Diaz, sad

The bad start to the season experienced by those led by Jürgen Klopp is more complicated.

Liverpool and Luis Díaz do not receive good news anywhere.

After his defeat in the Champions League, after the poor start in the Premier League, those led by Jürgen Klopp are looking for a formula that allows them to return to being the team they were the previous season.

In that purpose, the ‘Reds’ have just received a handicap that could prolong the time of capsize.

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The Premier is tangled for Liverpool

louis diaz

Luis Díaz, in Liverpool training before the debut in the Champions League.


Lindsey Parnaby. AFP

“Premier League matches will resume this weekend after a break in the season as a show of respect following the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.”reported the Liverpool entry on its website.

“Seven of the 10 Premier League games will be played this weekend, with three games postponed due to events related to the Queen’s funeral,” the text read.

Matches postponed for Sunday 18th September are Chelsea FC’s match against Liverpool FC at Stamford Bridge and Manchester United’s home game against Leeds United,” the club announced.

In that sense, while waiting for the rescheduling dates, Liverpool would only have played one Premier match in Septemberthe one that drew goalless against Everton.

In that sense, there is a desire to recompose the path, but, it seems, few opportunities in the near time.

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