Live broadcast at 1 p.m. | Rkp gathers in the middle of the twists and turns of government negotiations – Henriksson gives a line speech

No counter-candidates have appeared for Chairman Henriksson. At least there is no presidential candidate yet.

Rkp’s party people gather in Tampere in the middle of the twists and turns of government negotiations. Among other things, the issue of financing development cooperation is still open. Basic Finns have wanted a significant cut in development cooperation spending, but the Rkp has only been willing to yield to considerably smaller cuts.

Rkp party secretary Fredrik Guseff does not believe that the difficult issues of the government negotiations will be discussed at the party meeting, because the party’s lines on the themes are clear.

“We had counted on the government standing at this point,” he says.

However, at the party meeting, there may be a discussion about whether the Rkp is acting correctly as a party in general in striving for the same government as the basic Finns.

“It is well known that we have some people who think this is practically an impossible equation,” Guseff states.

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He points out that for those party members who consider, for example, economic issues to be the most important, cooperation does not necessarily seem so challenging at all.

Rkp retained its nine MP seats in the parliamentary elections and is negotiating the government program with the coalition, the Basic Finns and the Christian Democrats.

On Saturday in the afternoon around 1 pm the chairman Anna-Maja Henriksson make a line speech.

On Sunday, the chairman and vice-chairmen will be elected for the party, but no drama is expected regarding the appointments. No counter-candidates have appeared for Henriksson.

“In principle, challengers can appear until the election, but normally people notify in advance if they want to be elected,” says Guseff.

There are also sitting vice-presidents Silja Borgarsdóttir Sandelin, Henrik Wickström and Sandra Bergqvist are applying for an extension.

Rkp has not decided whether it will nominate its own presidential candidate.

“We haven’t had this conversation yet, because the focus has been on the parliamentary elections and government negotiations,” says Guseff.

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A possible candidate would only be appointed at an extraordinary party meeting in the fall.

Initiatives has been submitted to the party congress on, among other things, the legalization of euthanasia. Rkp-nuoret wants the party to promote the legalization of assisted death and euthanasia in Finland.

The party council has stated that the possibility of euthanasia should be further investigated. In addition, hospice care should be developed and more support offered to relatives.

Evening newspaper reported on Thursday that euthanasia would also have been on the table in the government negotiations.

Among the parties forming the government, the Christian Democrats have been against the legalization of euthanasia. Chairman Sari Essayah said at the beginning of June that he is glad that the incoming government is not promoting euthanasia.

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