Lithuania Lithuania declares state of emergency due to large number of migrants, politicians say systematic operation in Belarus

A large number of migrants have arrived in Lithuania in recent weeks via Belarus.

Lithuania the government declared a state of emergency on friday night due to the large number of immigrants coming across the belarus.

Minister of the Interior Agnė Bilotaitėn According to

As a result of the declaration of a state of emergency, for example, public procurement will be facilitated and municipalities may be obliged to provide accommodation for immigrants.

A large number of migrants have arrived in Lithuania in recent weeks via Belarus. According to Lithuanian politicians, the background is a systematic operation by the Belarussian administration.

After Lithuania earlier on Friday, the border guard filed for a declaration of a state of emergency because of the border situation. The border guards detained 150 immigrants in the day before the decision, which is three times the previous daily records. The detainees are mainly from the Middle East.

A total of 822 immigrants arriving across the Belarusian border have been apprehended in Lithuania so far this year. The number is ten times higher than in the whole of last year.

Lithuanian Interior Minister Bilotaitė told HS in an email interview in June that the number of migrants has multiplied since last year.

“This year’s figure is almost five times that of last year. In 2020, there were 74 similar cases, ”he said.

“According to our information, the Belarusian capital, Minsk, may have as many as 1,500 migrants waiting to enter the EU without permission.”

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European President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen met with the President of Lithuania on Friday Gitanas Nausedan. President Nauseda stressed that the Belarussian regime is using migrants to put pressure not only on Lithuania but also on the EU.

Belarus has ruled arbitrarily for decades Alexander Lukashenko presented a related direct threat to the EU in May.

“We stopped migrants and drugs – now you have to catch them yourself and treat them,” he said on May 26th.

Von der Leyen said on Friday he saw political reasons for the arrival of migrants and promised Lithuania help because of the large number of migrants.

Already on Thursday, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency announced that it would send border guards in support of the borders with Belarus to Lithuania and Latvia in response to the countries’ request for assistance.

Also from Finland has been sent border guards involved in patrolling the border with Belarus.

In addition, Lithuania can get help from the European Asylum Support Office (EASO), von der Leyen said. According to von der Leyen, EU emergency funding is also a possible tool.



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