Literature WSOY and Tammi launch a new children’s book site for primary school children – author videos, trailers and reading tips

WSOY and Tammi launch a new children’s book site for elementary school children. The website collects author videos, children’s interviews, trailers, reading tips and book-related activities for children, parents and teachers.

“This year, children have been more and more at digital content already because of the spring home school. However, there is relatively little good content that inspires and encourages children to read, ”says Werner Söderström, Director of Marketing and Communications. Reetta Miettinen.

“It is also important that children’s authors get to tell about their books themselves and children get to hear what they say about books, familiar heroes of children’s books and writing,” Miettinen continues.

The site already has, among other things Cristal Snown a fabulous reading moment, Miina Supisen cooking video, Elina Hirvosen a stuffed animal briefing; and Timo Parvelan reading video moments.


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