Literature The Savonia nominees have been announced – there are two first-time writers among the veterans

Of the year 2020 Savonia candidates have been announced. Six of the candidate tests are Antti Heikkinen novel Einari (WSOY), Kari Hotakainen Shaking (Siltala), Anne Hänninen poetry collection Crowned pigeons (Aviador), Petra Rautiainen debut novel Earth drawn in ashes (Big Dipper), Juha Raution debut collection of short stories Sunday crossings (Enostone) as well as Jouni Tossavainen a one-day novel Fighting Capercaillies (Aviador).

Heikkinen the jury praises Savo’s lush presentation of the language and Hotakainen The story it considers the pinnacle of Finnish dystopic satire narration. The short stories of Raution, known as a poet and musician, are also praised for describing comic anxiety.

According to the jury, the value of Hänninen’s poems lies, among other things, in how he takes a stand on, for example, intensive animal production and nature conservation. Rautiainen is praised for bringing up silent issues in Finnish history, and Tossavainen’s work is described as a tribute to the artist. To Ferdinand von Wright, who has been overshadowed by his contemporaries.

The Savonia Literature Prize will be awarded on 9 December. The prize is 12,000 euros.


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