Literature The finalists for the Science Book of the Year award were selected

Of the year ten works have been selected for the final of the Science Book 2020 award. The jury selected the candidates from among about sixty-five scientific books published last year.

The following works survived the final competition: Marko Juntunen: Traveling in Islamic Finland (Counterweight), Satu Lidman: Heaven and lap(Gaudeamus), Mona Mannevuo: Human machine at work (Gaudeamus), Maria Mäkelä, Samuli Björninen, Ville Hämäläinen, Laura Karttunen, Matias Nurminen, Juha Raipola and Tytti Rantanen (ed.): The Dangers of the Story – Critical Voices in the Story Economy (Counterweight), Ilkka Niiniluoto: Philosophy of technology (Gaudeamus), Petri Paavilainen: How thoughts are generated – Current issues in brain research (Gaudeamus), Petteri Pietikäinen: Sore Souls – A History of Madness in Finland (Gaudeamus), Mari Pihlajaniemi, Heikki Eriksson and Aleksi Lehikoinen: Birds and climate – A journey to a changing nature (Docendo), Juho Saari, Niko Eskelinen and Liisa Björklund: Heavy legacy (Gaudeamus) and Esa Väliverronen and Kai Ekholm (ed.): Freedom of science & freedom of speech of the researcher (Counterweight).

The 2020 jury includes a docent Oula Silvennoinen, docent Tommi Tenkanen and professors Soile Veijola.

The Science Book of the Year award is one of the most significant Finnish literature awards. The amount of the annual award is 25,000 euros. It is funded by the Finnish Association of Science Publishers.

The Science Book of the Year award, presented by the Finnish Association of Science Publishers and the Delegation of Scientific Societies (TSV), is awarded annually to a meritorious Finnish science book. The purpose of the award is to support and highlight excellent, but often very little attention paid to, Finnish research literature.

The winner will be announced on March 15th.


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