Literature Juha Vuorinen’s interactive audiobook parodies Temptation Island – Listeners can suggest plot twists

Different Templars are published in three parts, only one of which has been published.

Author Juha Vuorinen has made his latest book with his own recipe. It combines an audiobook, interactivity and reality TV.

Vuorinen’s audiobook Different Types of Tempers will be published in three parts and its first part will be published in Supla on the first day of July. The following sections are in progress and will be published monthly.

Like reality TV, audiobook listeners can influence what happens next. For example Love Island viewers have been able to use the phone app to vote which of the single women looking for love can date the next single man who arrives at the house. Similarly, on the mountain, book listeners can form through making suggestions for plot twists or hopes, for example, to add or remove a character from a work.

This is Vuorinen’s first purely fictional work in seven years. Vuorinen has previously written a text that has been published piece by piece. An example of this is The diary of a drunkard (1998), initially published online.

“This is going to be my first job A drunken diary after published on the flight. So I really don’t know what the end of the story will be like when people have already been able to hear the first part. In other words, the circle has closed in some way, ”Vuorinen says in the press release.

Audiobook the subject is reality TV and in particular Temptation Island, which the book parodies.

In the audiobook, TV producer Helena gets a crazy idea. He wants to do something new Temptation Island season. There are no couples on the island of seduction who have specifically applied to the program to test the sustainability of their relationship. Instead, people who have applied for some completely different reality TV show are taken to the island. Those arriving on the island will not be informed in advance.

Introvert Vertti and his future wife Mirva, among others, are arriving on the island. They have imagined they can Wedding like a groom program. The other couple thinks they’re leaving Honey, you’ve become chubby program. A character named Mr. Chorizo ​​thinks he’s involved Masterchefin for the new season.

The first on the basis of a two-hour period, it can be said that the book seems just as confusing as one might expect it to be in terms of its implementation, subject matter, and author.

It’s reminiscent of a quick novel in which things start to roll like a snowball time and time again in a crazier direction.

When Helena suggests her reality TV idea to her boss, both the lawyer and the boss are horrified.

However, the boss has no alternatives, as Helena has been wrapped around her little man by an influential man in the field through a series of different coincidences. The boss fears that Helena is abusing her contact and therefore does not dare to refuse an idea that seems catastrophic.

Also, the details related to the plot are surprising. Some character may die unexpectedly, lose their eyes, or get aquarium water in their water with a watering can.

Book bursting with anecdotes. The early stages of the book give a foretaste of what kind of humor, parables and chains of association are pursued in the book.

“Now let’s forget the reality TV jokes filmed all over the world and roll a bit like a condom to the top and root of it all. That God would have created man just like a tapir — who reportedly has a shovel-shaped cock — so the Father of Heaven must have had a reason for each of his creative work, ”the audiobook says in the first minutes.

We then move on to the sewer mosquito on the London Underground and describe its birth story. We then return to the subject of the book and draw similarities between humans and mosquitoes, accompanied by ambiguous humor.

“So no matter almost any living being explores, the creator must have installed in his creations as a factory setting for the seductions of lust. Whether it’s a mosquito on the London Underground or a participant in many reality TV shows, you want to absorb a little of everything that comes in, be it summer or winter, ”says Vuorinen.

The following parts of the book will be published in early August and early September.

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