Literature Irene Vallejo wrote a surprising bestseller on the history of books – The future of books is not threatened, she says

Irene Vallejo fell in love with books as a child, and her affection deepened in her research on ancient literature. Now the results have been compiled into a plush Papyrus nonfiction book.

For his own amusement, Spanish historian Irene Vallejo wrote a story about a book about the path of papyrus scrolls on parchment pages and thought it wouldn’t interest anyone. First the personal work conquered his homeland, now the rest of the world.

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Many fine storytelling Nonfiction has been born out of a side path or coincidence.

The death of his father drove the British, for example Helen Macdonaldin to study the strange history of chicken hawk farming, which resulted in a personal book on depression and birds H like a hawk (2014).

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