Literature Hillary Clinton writes a political thriller – tells of a Secretary of State trying to patch up traces left by a former president

The title of the book, which will be published in October, is State of Terror.

The United States former Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton co-writes a political thriller with a friend, a Canadian author who has had a successful detective career Louise Pennyn with.

He told about it on Tuesday, among other things Axios news site.

In October the title of the book to be published is State of Terror (freely translated Terroritila) and published by Simon & Schuster and St. Martin’s Press.

According to the press release, the book tells of a yellow-spoke foreign minister who agrees to work with the president who has just taken office. The president and the foreign minister are old rivals.

Prior to that, the President of the United States has been the person who, for four years, downplayed the position of the United States in the world. Then a series of terrorist attacks will confuse the world and the new Secretary of State will need to assemble a force capable of unrolling a deadly dangerous conspiracy exploiting the diminished position of the United States.

For Clinton, writing a political thriller with Penny is a “dream come true,” Axios says, referring to the press release.

Clintonin husband, former president of the United States Bill Clinton has also published a thriller novel.

Bill Clinton along with the crime thriller writer James Patterson made with The President Is Missing (The President is Missing) was released in 2018. The duo’s second thriller will be released this year.


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