Literature From Bill Clinton a thriller about a law-breaking president

The new work is another collaboration with thriller maker James Patterson.

The United States former president Bill Clinton has received the contradictory first estimates of his second suspense novel in collaboration James Patterson with.

The first novel The President is Missing was published in 2018 and translated into Finnish The lost president. In HS book review it was found to be “a mediocre thriller that is suffocating in its patriotic pathos”.

At the time, the villain of the story was “a bitter intelligent assassin digging up classical music” who did his evil until the president, shrouded in disguise, set out to save the situation as other heroes.

In the new in a nearly 600-page book, the protagonist is not the same president as last time. It is a former president who has progressed from a military career to politics and has lost the next season to his disgusting female vice president.

The former president, hardened in special forces, takes action when an Arab terrorist, whose family died as “side damage” to the U.S. attack, wants revenge and kidnaps the former president’s daughter.

The former president does not want to rely on the actions of his successor but sets up an illegal own strike force despite the objections of the sitting president.

And while Saudi intelligence provides a terrorist assassination, the former president responds that he must take care of the matter for his own family.

“I am ready to go anywhere and kill anyone,” the former president stresses. After that, the blood flies in the name of raising one’s own hand and a sense of nationalism.

In the first reviews The New York Times considers the end result “silly but very entertaining”.

The Washington Post is more cruel: “Time and time again I sat on the edge of the chair, thinking: can the story become more silly than this.” According to the critic, the work repeatedly exceeded expectations in this regard.

Sales figures reviews may not hurt. The previous work by Patterson and Clinton is said to have sold over a million copies in North America alone.

In public it has been speculated what is Bill Clinton’s contribution to the books. Time magazine in a new extensive interview, they will respond in much the same way as in 2018.

According to Patterson, he sends a few chapters at a time to Clinton, who clarifies presidential facts and NATO practices, for example, and proposes his own changes. After about six balls, a consensus on the final formulation of the figures usually emerges.

This would be a slightly different procedure than what Patterson is known for.

In 2013, he said To the Washington Post he usually writes a 70-page summary, after which he leaves the actual multi-hundred-page click to his employees and collaborators, and then edits the text to his liking.

In this way, Patterson has been able to publish hundreds of adult and children’s books as well as short stories and comic book stories, which have sold over 300 million copies.

Clintonin the family will be able to continue thriller lists as early as October.

Then it will be published Hillary Clinton the first political thriller he has said to write about a Canadian who has had a successful Louise Pennyn with.

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