Literature Children’s book by lesbian activist group prompts Hungarian government to respond to “content inappropriate for traditional gender roles”

The children’s book tells, among other things, a poem about a prince who marries another prince. The Hungarian government believes that the book contains content that is inconsistent with traditional gender roles and should also be communicated to readers.

21.1. 13:33

Hungary on Tuesday, the government ordered the publisher of the children’s book to add a warning to books with “content inappropriate for traditional gender roles”. According to the news agency Reuters.

According to the government, action was needed because consumers need to be protected from being misled. The lesbian activist group Labrisz had published a children’s storybook called A fairy tale for everyone in Finnish, more or less “Fairy Tale for Everyone”.

Of their authors according to the book intended to teach children to respect people from all walks of life.

Among other things, the book contains a story about a female deer that would like to become a male. The book also tells a poem in which a prince marries another prince. Other stories positively portray various minorities, such as the Roma and the disabled.

“The book is sold as a fairy tale, what it’s called on the cover, and that’s how it’s designed. What is hidden is the fact that the behavior described in the book is at odds with traditional gender roles, ”the government said in a statement.

In the future Labrisz must report similar content in connection with its storybook and other published books.

Labrisz and the Background Group, which advocates for gay rights, have said they are suing the government. The groups consider the government’s demand to be discriminatory and unconstitutional.

The right-wing government in Hungary is very negative about the rights of sexual and gender minorities. Prime minister Viktor Orbán subjugated minority groups with both its rhetoric and politics.

Last year, Hungary banned the recognition of the identity of transgender people in official documents. In addition, the Constitution included a declaration defining the family, in which “the father is a man and the mother is a woman”.

Orbán’s homophobic politics was shattered last December when Orbán’s Hungarian MEP, representing Fidesz’s own party, József Szájer got caught participation in gay orgies in Brussels.


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