Life Emmi Tuomisto, in her thirties, was in “total shock” when a rib sting was revealed to be ovarian cancer – now she is talking about her illness so that others will not be left alone in the future.

“After that phone call, I would have missed someone who would tell me if I would continue my work day or if I would get stuck, went through it with me,” says Emmi Tuomisto from the moment she heard that she has tumors in her ovaries, among other things.

When Emmi Tuomisto became seriously ill, she found herself left alone. According to the court, health care took care of the physical treatment of the disease, but is left alone with mental pain.

The occupational physician suspected the cause of the stinging side pain at first to be stress or muscle aches. 35 years old Emmi Tuomisto was young and basically healthy, so there was no reason to suspect that the pain was anything severe.

The judge himself wondered if the symptoms could be due to sadness and stress, as his mother had died a couple of months earlier.



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