Life Are you excited about making a phone call or introducing yourself? Answer the survey

Many of us are excited about everyday social situations, such as speaking a foreign language or asking to speak. We are now gathering readers ’experiences on the subject.

Next a round is held in which everyone introduces themselves briefly. A phrase that makes many palms sweat.

Many of us are excited about everyday social situations: calling on the phone, introducing ourselves to strangers, having to speak to a waitress Sauvignon Blanc. There are also those who listen behind the door before leaving home for the stairwell to avoid the tension of meeting neighbors.

Often the excitement is harmless, but at worst it can limit life considerably.

We’re doing a story on the subject, and we’re now gathering readers ’experiences of everyday exciting social situations. Are you excited about asking to speak at a meeting? Do butterflies fly in the stomach before a family party? What do you think your tension is due to? And how has it affected your life?

We use the comments of respondents who have left their contact information in making the story. We may also contact people who may be suitable for interview.


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