Legal proceedings Victims of the school attack in Kuopio find the accused’s remorse completely unbelievable – “Nothing in him supports it”

The mental state study for the man came up in the concluding remarks. The court’s assessment of it will have to wait until the verdict.

Kuopio the victims of the school attack do not believe that the 25-year-old attacker has really taken remorse for his actions. The man did not express remorse for his act at police interrogations, but changed his account in this regard at the trial.

“(The accused) has said during the trial that he regrets it, but nothing in his habitus, in his body language, supports this confession – he has not been mentally ill, psychotic or incapacitated. She has planned, weighed and considered, ”said a representative of the victim’s mother Valentina Schnider in its final opinion to the court.

The same was said by a lawyer representing several victims Emilia Vuolle.

“The repentance of the (accused) is utterly unbelievable. It has not emerged from the written evidence or from his own hearing. If it is concluded that he was reduced to guilt, he should still be sentenced to life, taking into account, among other things, his motive, guilt and the fact that the evidence does not rule out the possibility that this could happen again, ”Vuolle said.

The greater part of the man’s victims were his fellow students, who, according to the man himself, had treated him well. A lawyer representing the two victims Karoliina Partanen said one of them had drawn attention to the fact that the accused had never once looked at his victims during the trial.

“He does not see any real repentance in (the accused) – (the accused) would also have had the opportunity to apologize here and show that he really regrets it, but he has not done so,” Partanen pointed out.

The eight-day trial in the Pohjois-Savo District Court will end on Thursday with the parties’ final statements. In their speeches, several of the victims’ assistants referred to a state of mind survey conducted on the man during the pre-trial investigation, the results of which were discussed in court yesterday in camera.

Part the speeches of the assistants led to the impression that, according to the opinion of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), the man would have been guilty at the time of the act. Also the prosecutor Antti Kolehmainen said the prosecution side of the position that the attacker knew deeds of injustice and was able to regulate their behavior at the time.

“Syyntakeisuusasiaa took place yesterday through, and I refer to what I said in connection with the processing state of mind. Yesterday’s evidence, which was subsequently received, does not change the prosecutor’s position in any way, on the contrary. According to the prosecutor, the (accused) has had the ability to regulate his behavior and he has understood what he is doing, ”Kolehmainen said.

The prosecutor is demanding a life sentence for the man for murder and 20 attempted murder. According to the defense, the man was convicted at the time of the act and therefore should be given a lesser punishment.

The state of mind research and its results are secret. The court’s assessment of the results of the investigation will only become apparent in a judgment to be given in due course.

The man was heard in court on Monday. He appeared in the hall calmly and expressionlessly and answered the questions put to him, but did not express any sympathy for his victims.

The man is being charged with the attacked sword on the premises of Savo Vocational College located in connection with the Herman shopping center on the first day of October last year. In addition to the 23-year-old Ukrainian woman who was killed, a dozen people were injured or injured in the attack.

According to the prosecutor, considering the injuries of the victims, it is a miracle that there were no more deaths.

“Medical statements and injury descriptions support the (accused’s) statement that his attempt was really to kill and kill as many as possible,” prosecutor Kolehmainen said.

Osalle the victims were left with sword blows for life-long injuries that not only disrupt their rest of their lives, are also a daily reminder of what happened, the victims ’assistants said in their closing statements. In addition to physical injuries, many of the victims also suffer from a variety of mental symptoms such as anxiety, fear states, and setbacks.

Some students were able to escape the classroom without injury. However, the prosecutor believes that they were equally in danger of death in the situation, as the accused randomly selected his victim. Therefore, in their case, too, the man is accused of attempted murder.

Judgment of the accused Joel Marinille will be issued at a later date to be announced.


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