Legal proceedings The ward’s finance manager hired his brother to work, received fines for breach of duty

The accused pleaded that relatives had been popular in the church in the past.

Southern Ostrobothnia the district court has fined the parish’s finance manager, who repeatedly hired his brother for fixed-term employment.

Over the years, a total of at least nine decisions were made. The employment relationships lasted for a maximum of six months at a time.

The CFO acknowledged the procedure, but said he did not know he was doing the wrong thing. Hiring relatives for the congregation had taken place before.

Veljen the recruitment, according to the woman, was not a matter of favoring the brother but that he was a skilled worker. To curb costs, it made sense to hire skilled former employees who don’t need orientation.

According to the court, the woman’s disability was clear because it was about hiring a brother.

The woman has been aware of the unequivocal provisions on disability, the court continued. The woman must therefore have understood that she was doing the wrong thing.

“Previous possible misconduct does not make the work acceptable.”

The court sentenced the woman to a 30-day fine for breach of duty. The income to be paid with the income of the CFO will be 840 euros.



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