Legal proceedings The parking enforcement company lost the lawsuit over unpaid parking errors, the court ruled that there was not enough evidence

In total, the company raised about 3,000 euros from the man, including litigation costs.

Private parking enforcement company Parkkipate has lost its litigation over unpaid parking error fees. The Helsinki Court of Appeal did not grant the company further processing permission.

The case concerns five parking error charges that Parkkipate has ordered to be paid for a car incorrectly parked in Espoo.

The matter was decided in the Helsinki District Court in September. According to the company’s lawsuit, a man working in Espoo would have improperly parked his car near his workplace several times during 2017 and 2018.

In total, the company raised about 3,000 euros from the man, including litigation costs.

Defendant denied the claims, arguing that the car had also been used by other people.

District Court according to the decision, Parkkipate did not adduce any evidence in the case, but argued that the cars were under the control of the defendant and parked in the vicinity of his workplace.

According to the applicant, the car has been used by two family members living in the same household as him, one of whom worked in the same job. He also said he had complained about parking error charges he received in the mail.

The district court found the plaintiff’s report credible. According to the decision, it was not possible to show with sufficient certainty that the defendant had been driving and parking cars in the car parks controlled by Parkkipate at those times.

The court ordered the company to pay the man EUR 100 in legal costs.

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