Legal proceedings The man who attacked Timo Soini was sentenced to seven months in prison

The man slammed the then foreign minister with a plastic bottle, hit two police officers and committed drunk driving.

SilloiSen Minister of Foreign Affairs Timo Soinin a 53-year-old Sipolan man who visited was sentenced on Tuesday to seven months in prison.

In March 2019, the Eastern Uusimaa District Court found the man guilty of attempted assault on Soini. In addition, the man was convicted of violent opposition by an official and assault of two police officers.

The man had been driving to the scene at the Korso rural market drunk, so he was also convicted of drunk driving.

The prosecutor had demanded parole for the man.

Man went over to Soini in the election tent. He shouted “traitor” and tried to hit Soini with a half-liter plastic bottle containing liquid.

The act remained an attempt because the police, who acted as Soini’s security guard, intervened.

“Free [poliisimiehen] a quick and prompt intervention blow would have hit me, now it hit him. That’s a clear thing, ”Soini said in court.

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Police instead received blows. The first police officer to report that the man had hit him hard with the bottle on the head three or four times. The second police officer, who came to the rescue, knocked the man to the ground and eventually got him caught up with the third police officer.

The man told the court he has no recollections of the events. The man said that he had come to the country market and was looking for a fish rooster. The following recollections he says he has of him lying on the ground with his stomach and two men on him.

According to the defense, the man did not understand that the men in civilian clothes who had arrested him were police officers and felt that he had acted in a self-defense situation.

On Monday came the news that Timo Soini is separated from the blue of Espoo. According to Länsiväylä magazine, the reason is, among other things, that Soini appeared with two candidates of Liike Nyt in newspaper and streetside advertisements.



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