Legal proceedings The big painting thing started in the courts: Limits closed! active is accused of defaming 20 police, prosecutors and judges online

The prosecutor demands 8 to 10 months of absolute imprisonment or community service for Marco de Wit. The suspected crimes took place in 2018–2019.

Pirkanmaa a wide-ranging defamation case has begun in the district court, centered on so-called painting. The indictment is Marco de Wit.

De Wit has influenced various political organizations and focused on immigration issues. De Wit worked earlier also as chairman of the Finnish People First Small Party. He was later expelled from the party. He has also worked for Immigration Focused on Crossing the Boundaries! movement active.

The litigant side of the case, on the other hand, has a total of 20 police officers, prosecutors and judges.

Painting is not a criminal term. It refers to the phenomenon where someone is lifted online into the beak of a stick, which often causes a flood of hate mail.

In the story it is a question of whether de Wit has slandered people online in a way that could lead to criminal liability. The prosecutor considers that the various outputs in 2018–2019 meet the characteristics of defamation or aggravated defamation.

According to the prosecutor, the victims have been referred to as monster police, the most disgusting member of the political police perversion, the torture commissioner, the criminal police, the racist, the counterfeiter and the corrupt. According to the prosecutor, in addition to various appointments, clues or allegations have been made about the officials, such as allusions to a police officer as a pedophile.

In total, the charges concern 20 suspected crimes in 2018-2019. The prosecutor demands an absolute prison sentence of 8 to 10 months or community service for De Wit.

De Wit In its written reply, the Bundesverwaltungsgericht relied, inter alia, on the fact that his criticism had been directed at public officials.

He has also argued that this is a self-published publishing activity with limited publicity.

HS publishes de Wit’s name already in the prosecution phase because of his social influence and actions. In addition to various political activisms, de Wit has, among other things, published his statements online.

Painting has been reviewed in various ministries. A working group set up by the Ministry of the Interior proposed various measures to solve the problem in February. The purpose of this working group was not to consider changing the legislation, but other solutions.

In addition, legislative reform is under way. Illegal the threat is intended turn a crime under official prosecution if the victim is threatened for work or a position of public trust. This means that the prosecutor has the right to prosecute the case without any separate action by the victim.

The prosecutor could prosecute without the victim’s request, for example, when a health center employee or teacher is threatened. The provision would also cover threats against, inter alia, researchers, journalists or artists.

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