Legal proceedings Prosecutor: Numbered hoodies on Helsinki street gang point to organized crime

Those charged with being the main perpetrators are required to serve years in prison.

Helsinki resident An investigation into the spiral of violence between the Espoo and Espoo street gangs began in the Helsinki District Court on Friday.

The charges include attempted murder, aggravated domestic peace, aggravated robbery and several assaults. There are a total of 19 indictments and 15 defendants. Many are defendants in several different indictments.

The most serious The charges are related to the shooting incident in a detached house area in Leppävaara in September.

According to the prosecutor, there were parties in a three-storey detached house in Espoo, which caused about 40 people to be in the house during the incident, several of whom were in danger due to shots that hit the house’s windows.

According to the prosecutor, four shots hit the windows in the living room of the house and one of the people in the living room would have been hit in the middle of his body if the bullet had pierced the windowpane.

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According to the prosecutor, a key figure in a street gang called the Kurdish Mafia Milan Jaff tried with another suspect to kill a member of a street gang named L City.

The prosecutor said they fired ten shots per house.

The most serious charges call for eight years’ absolute imprisonment for the main perpetrator, seven years for the second key man.

According to the prosecutor, several crimes have been committed as part of organized activities. Organization would be one possible ground for aggravation if defendants are convicted of crimes.

Legal for example, the hoodies worn by the accused have to be weighed, the use of which the prosecutor sees as belonging to an organized criminal group. The group sells and advertises clothes with the number 47 printed on their backs.

Jaff, who is accused of being the main character, says the hoodies are related to his career in rap music. He and other defendants deny almost all charges.

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There are six part-sessions ahead: the last is scheduled for early April. The court is expected to deliver its verdict in late April or May.

Prosecutors have charged 15 people with violent crimes. Most of the young men belong to the Helsinki gang. The suspected acts have mostly taken place last summer and fall.

Police arrested ten members of the Helsinki gang in October to prevent serious violence in Kaivohuone. According to the police, they had planned to attack members of the Espoo gangs in Kaivohuone.

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