Legal proceedings Prosecutor: A 21-year-old man first killed his father and then tried to kill his grandfather

According to the charges, the man first killed his father in the yard and then attacked his grandfather in the men’s common home.

Middle Finland the district court on Wednesday reads charges against a 21-year-old man accused of killing his father and attempting to kill his grandfather. According to the prosecutor, the crimes took place at the end of May in a house in Jyväskylä where the accused and the victims lived together.

First, the man punched his father with fists in his upper body. The father fled out into the street and into the yard of a neighboring house, where the accused continued the violence. According to the prosecutor, the man knocked his father to the ground and kicked and hit him with his fists and a wooden brush. The man then took an iron handrail, weighing nearly three pounds, and struck his father a dozen times on the side, back, and occiput until the victim stopped moving.

According to the prosecutor, the man has admitted in the preliminary investigation that he caused his father’s death as a result of the fight.

From the yard the man returned to the house and broke the glass of the front door with a handrail to get inside. Inside the kitchen, the man, according to the prosecutor, began beating his 76-year-old grandfather with fists and an iron railing on his head and hands as the victim tried to protect himself from the blows.

According to the prosecutor, given the nature of the violence used, its target on the head, and the instrument used, the accused intended to kill his grandfather, or at least had to consider the possibility of death as a sure or quite probable consequence of his act.

The man did not stop the violence until the police arrived at the scene and used a remote parlor for the man. During the pre-trial investigation, he confessed to the violence.

The prosecutor demands a sentence of at least 11.5 years in prison for the man.

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