Legal proceedings MP Sebastian Tynkkynen was convicted of incitement against a group of people

Tynkkynen was fined 70 days.

Basic Finns Congressman Sebastian Tynkkynen received on Monday a verdict on incitement against a group of people. The Oulu District Court imposed a fine of 70 daily fines, totaling EUR 4,410.

The verdict concerns Facebook writings published by Tynkkynen as part of its 2017 municipal election campaign. The texts dealt with the alleged use of immigrants and asylum seekers.

Among other things, Tynkkynen wrote that harassment has become commonplace in Oulu and that he opposes asylum tourism for young men. In the message, he also wrote that he did not want brown to be the new white and called for himself to vote for a safer Oulu.

Another post stated that looking into the eyes or wearing a miniskirt is a permission in another culture to rape or do worse.

In the third post, Tynkkynen wrote, among other things, that asylum seekers have harassed not only women but also young men.

A stub denied in court that he had committed the crime.

In his view, the texts were relatively moderate in style and content and did not offend or slander asylum seekers.

According to Tynkkynen, it was a matter of raising and opposing the social phenomenon by means of politics.

In its assessment, the district court concluded that the texts met the criteria for incitement against a group of people.

According to the judgment, Tynkkysen’s writings were perceived to apply to immigrants and asylum seekers in general. In addition, the texts insulted and slandered these groups of people.

“The reader is left with the impression that the things referred to in the writings, such as harassment, harassment and sexual offenses, have a clear link to immigrants and asylum seekers,” the court states in the judgment.

The district court also pointed out that Tynkkynen could, if he wished, have opposed the prevailing immigration policy without slandering and insulting immigrants and asylum seekers.

The district court ordered the Facebook posts to be removed.

A stub is the first-term MP of the Basic Finns and the third vice-chairman of the party.

He has previously been convicted twice of inciting a group of people and violating the peace of religion. Previous judgments have come from Tynkkynen’s writings on Muslims.

The recent judgment of the Oulu District Court is not yet final.

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