Legal proceedings Life sentences for two men from the Kotka sand pit murder

The victim was brutally murdered in a remote location in May.

Kymenlaakson the district court sentenced two men to life imprisonment for the brutal sand pit murder in Kotka on Friday. A 46-year-old and a 21-year-old man were convicted of a homicide committed in May.

The 33-year-old woman, the third accused in the case, was convicted of aiding and abusive assault. He received one year and two months of probation.

The victim was a man born in 1995. By law, the bloodshed was firmly considered both raw and cruel.

The convicted men began violence in an apartment where the victim was incised with a knife. From the apartment, the victim was transported by car to a remote place, at the intersection of dirt roads on the border of Kotka and Pyhtää. At the latest there, the beating continued.

The victim, defenseless and deprived of escape, died after being shot twice in the head with a pistol. After the deadly shots, one of the men had still thrown stones at the victim’s face.

According to the verdict, the victim knew during the events that he would not have a chance to escape and that he would eventually be killed.

“The murder as a whole is estimated to have been done intentionally, causing pain,” the judgment says.

The victim was found dead in the area of ​​the Räski sand pit on 27 May.

Sentenced to life Antti Ilari Laakkonen, 46, and Vasili Nikolai Juhani Vuori, 21.

Justice according to the men had left their mobile phones there when they left the apartment so that it could not be established afterwards that they were at the scene of the killing. The woman was the driver of the men.

The district court found that the woman had deliberately assisted Laakko and Vuori in committing a violent crime by transporting these and from the victim’s apartment to the dirt road junction. According to the verdict, the woman must have known, or at least considered quite likely, that the men would come to the victim to commit violence or cause a life-threatening condition.

The prosecutor had demanded the woman be sentenced to at least eight years in prison for aiding and abetting the murder.


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