Legal proceedings Krp’s preliminary investigation: Middle-aged men seem to have preyed boys who escaped from institutions

On Thursday, the Western Uusimaa District Court began hearing two defendants. This is a ring revealed by Krp, with a Lapland entrepreneur at the center.

Western Uusimaa In the district court, a trial began on Thursday about a circle of Finnish men revealed by the Central Criminal Police (Krp), which is suspected of distributing sexual material about young boys to each other.

On Thursday, charges will be filed against a 50-year-old Espoo office manager and a 59-year-old Lapland entrepreneur. The men are jointly charged with aggravated sexual exploitation of a child, in addition to which a man from Espoo is accused of possessing an image of a child that violates sexual morality.

Most of the charges in the case will be heard later in the autumn in the Southern Ostrobothnia District Court.

The trial will be held in camera, but the public section of Krp’s preliminary investigation material includes discussions between Espoo and Lapland men about young acquaintances in Espoo.

“You would have come to the bag with my 15 year old friend. School home fugitive, ”the Espoo man wrote in September 2017.

A Krp interrogator asks the man for messages, and the man says he met the boy in late summer.

“I stayed with me in Espoo for a couple of nights and we had no sexual or other similar intercourse. I gave him food, shoes and let him call the facility, ”the man told the interrogator.

Later in the same conversation in September 2017, the men discuss the young man they both met.

“What about that one hero I met in the spring?” the Lapland man asks.

He adds that he hopes to be able to see the young man in the future.

“Ehit kyl,” the Espoo man replies.

During the interrogation, the Espoo man says that the duo met a “hero” and other young people referred to by a Lapland man in Viikki, Helsinki.

Next, the man is shown a continuation of the conversation between him and the Lapland entrepreneur. In it, the man from Espoo says that he also met other young people in need.

“Cute?” the Lapland man asks.

“Yeah. Sit I also met such a 14 year old skin boy, a ton of the previous guy. That must be cute. ”

“It’s in the facility now but I met it a week later and is from my west and whatsapp guy ny,” the Espoo man replies.

From a man from Espoo will also be asked in the interrogation about the debate on Independence Day 2015. A Lapland entrepreneur invites an Espoo resident to be a pastor and sends an invitation to a video chat.

“Well, that suddenly disappears. Leave if it is too terrible, ”the Lapland man writes.

The Espoo man tells the interrogator that he sometimes took part in Lapland’s video calls because of his fetish.

During the preliminary investigation, almost 1,300 image and video files of naked or sexually abused children were found in the possession of the Espoo man. The man admitted to downloading the material, but said it was ten years old.

“10 years ago, I was interested in images with so-called child material, ”the man said.

Of the images found in the man’s possession, about 500 were those in which a child is sexually abused, raped or interferes with an animal, or in which a child who is a victim of sexual violence is less than six years old.

Some of the material found on the Espoo man’s plane was photographed at the Lapland man’s cottage in Tuuri in 2014. Based on the interrogation, the pictures show a Lapland man and two other people identified by the Espoo man.

I suspect The main suspect in the exploitation circle is a 59-year-old Lapland man, a tourism entrepreneur who lived in a small town in Lapland. According to the companies’ websites, he has had wilderness and tourism activities in Lapland and Southern Ostrobothnia. In 2013–2014, for example, a man rented a holiday home and offered dog sled rides in Southern Ostrobothnia.

A 44-year-old man suspected of belonging to the ring with him and an Espoo man who had an address in Vaasa during the pre-trial investigation. In addition to the trio, a 23-year-old South Ostrobothnian man plays a smaller role in the crime.

The Central Criminal Police has previously said that at least some of the suspects have met each other online. According to Krp, there are a total of six victims in the ring, and they are all boys. At the time of the act, the victims were between 6 and 15 years old.

Police launched an investigation in 2017 after receiving a criminal incitement through foreign authorities. The investigation covered a total of 17 countries, mainly in Europe and elsewhere in the West.

In Finland According to Krp, in addition to the material produced, large quantities of material describing child abuse had been imported to Finland. The Krp has said that the material seized from the suspects contained particularly brutal violence, the victims of which are mainly young boys. However, no Finnish suspects have been suspected of producing the material in question.

Krp suspected that some of the victims had been given methamphetamine during the acts. However, these suspicions did not lead to prosecutions as the prosecution expired.


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