Legal proceedings District Court: There are no penalties for protesters in Tampere

Police arrested about 40 protesters in August 2021. Ten of them ended up in the district court.

Elokapina environmental movement Persons who took part in the demonstration in Tampere in August were not sentenced. The Pirkanmaa District Court found them guilty of stubbornness against the police, but did not punish them.

The protesters sat on the street and cut off traffic on Satamakatu and Hämeenpuisto. Police arrested about 40 protesters. Ten of them ended up in the district court.

In its press release, Elokapina said that it was demanding that the Finnish government take action in response to the climate crisis. According to the police, the protest was not announced in advance in accordance with the Rally Act.

The court delivered its decision on Thursday at the end of the oral hearing. The prosecutor demanded at least ten daily fines for each of the defendants.

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