Legal proceedings 18-year-old accused of three killings in Nokia’s death crash last summer – three young people under the age of 20 die in Turma

In the prosecutor’s view, these were three intentional homicides.

In Pirkanmaa Nokia has been charged with a fatal crash last summer. Prosecutor Pasi Vainio has filed charges against an 18-year-old man for three murders as well as aggravated drunk driving and aggravated endangering traffic safety, the Western Finland Prosecutor’s Office told BTI on Wednesday.

The crash, which claimed three young lives, took place on Porintie the night before Sunday, August 16, 2020. A car drifted out of the way and collided with a tree.

Two girls born in 2002 and a boy born in 2003 died in the crash. In addition, a 17-year-old boy born in 2002 was hospitalized at the time of the incident.

The only survivor of the accident is now being accused of killing other young people in the car.

When police completed a preliminary investigation in the spring, the case passed to the prosecutor instead of three murders as three aggravated death sentences.

However, the prosecutor concluded in the prosecution that these were three intentional homicides. The charges were brought in late June.

Prosecutor Vainio told STT on Wednesday that charges were filed against the suspected driver of the Turma car.

According to Vainio, the accused has denied the suspected acts in all their forms during the preliminary investigation. The accused has also denied driving a car in a crash.

Vainio does not comment on the grounds for the indictment at this stage. He said he would justify the matter in the district court once the content of the charges is clear.

The police in Inland Finland have said that the young people in the Turma car distributed video and video material to their social media channels in the car before the accident.

Police have said they have received videos and pictures uploaded to the social media platform from several people, showing situations, among other things, inside the car while driving.

The lawsuit filed by the prosecutor and the police pre-trial material will become public at the beginning of the trial. The charges will be heard in the Pirkanmaa District Court on 8 September.

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