League “I had the courage to hire me for this job” – Surprise coach Olli Jokinen assures that there is no one-man show in Mikkeli

Mikkeli Jukuri’s new head coach Olli Jokinen, 42, immediately wanted to make one thing clear. The club belongs to the fans, not to him.

Jokinen said at the Jukuri Youtube meeting that he is annoyed by the headlines that write about Olli Jokinen’s Jukuri.

“Greetings to the fans. This is your team, this is not, so to speak, Olli Jokinen’s Jukurit. ”

Unfortunately, Jokinen’s wish is unlikely to come true. Jukurit hired a coach with enough media sex for years as a player and no doubt as a coach.

No Jokinen made headlines in vain when he was young. He got a Los Angeles NHL reservation at number three and soon basked without a shirt on a Los Angeles beach.

For HIFK, he won the Finnish championship in 1998 and a few months earlier he was bringing the World Championship gold to Finland at the packed Hartwall Arena.

Master what a master when a thick cigar burned at a victory party.

Katerina and Olli Jokinen have been comfortable in Florida for years. Katerina and the children are still there while schools are in progress.­

Jokinen’s success was not in the 1990s, but he played the fourth (1,231) NHL regular season match among Finns. They just got ahead Teemu Selänne, Teppo Numminen and Jari Kurri.

There was even bad luck that there was no success in the NHL, but it was more due to the clubs where Jokinen played.

Jukurit took a considered risk. Jokinen’s coaching background is thin. He has drawn 16-year-old teams at his Florida academy. Experience in adult hockey is only from player times.

Back in this season, Jokinen coached a group of 16-year-olds at the South Florida Hockey Academy.

The contrast is great with JYP veterans Jarkko Immonen, 39, and Jani Tuppurainen, 41, moved from JYP to Mikkeli for the coming season.

Jokinen from Immonen knows well. They played three championships together: the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, the next Olympics in Scotland in 2014 and another spring 2014 World Championships in Minsk.

In Vancouver, Jokinen and Immonen were sometimes even chain friends.

Jokinen began staring at his coaching career as playing in the NHL ended after the 2014-2015 season. In his final season, Jokinen toured through Nashville, Toronto and St. Louis to retire.

Now Jokinen says that he has built his coaching career with determination.

“The goal was to have the know-how in 5-6 years and be able to go work with professional teams. For a year now, I have had the feeling that I am ready and have been actively looking for a job. ”

Last season, Jokinen had a contract for the professional club’s coaching patterns, but it unraveled, according to Jokinen’s description, “for some reason.”

HIFK’s championship humor 1998. Olli Jokinen (right) and Tim Thomas and Christian Ruuttu taste what Finnish Championship gold tastes like.­

Olli Jokinen carried Captain C in Leijon at the 2014 World Championships in Minsk.­

Jokinen thanks the club management and board of Jukuri for taking him as head coach without the slightest experience of working with full-time professionals.

“There was courage and courage to hire me for this job, so to speak, from outside the Finnish disc scene.”

“The values ​​and goals of this organization met with their own goals.”

Yet after May Day, Jokinen does not say precise goals, but promises good daily work.

Jokinen sees that he and the coaching team have an athletic team in their hands. In addition to Tuppurainen and Immonen Petrus Palmu brings his skills to the Jukuri. It could have a finished chain of superiority.

“The right types of players have been acquired. I find it important that every player who is coming comes on an athletic basis. And on the grounds that they want to develop ”

“This can shatter in someone’s ear if we talk about Jani Tuppurainen and Jarkko Immos, who are players of the older generation. They both have a really strong motivation to develop into even better players. ”

NHL expertise At least the success of the jurors does not stick. In addition to Jokinen, the coaching team includes Sergei Krivokrasov, who played 450 NHL matches in ten seasons.

Krivokrasov is responsible for superiority and the skill development of the attackers. Vesa Surenkin brings coaching experience from 12 country rounds. Teemu Suokas and Mika Tarvainen continue as former employees.

“You need to be able to build your daily routine demanding enough for players to evolve. How we succeed is a clear reflection of how we work in our daily lives. ”

“I don’t start copying anything. Let’s do our own thing, ”Jokinen assured.

Finland and Olli Jokinen won the World Championship gold in Helsinki in 1998.­

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