Large carnivores An injured bear and his chicks are moving in Joensuu, the police say the combination could be dangerous

Based on game camera images, it appears that the injured bear has irons intended for catching small predators in its forepaw.

In Joensuu An injured bear is moving in the Sarving and Pirttivaara areas, informs the Eastern Finnish police.

The bear is a female bear and three puppies move with it.

Police estimate that an injured polar bear could be dangerous to humans. Unnecessary movement in the area is requested to be avoided. Police are asking to report the findings related to the bear litter to the emergency center.

Based on game camera images, it appears that the injured bear has irons in his left forefoot to catch small predators, police say.

Previously this week, HS reported a similar case in Lieksa.

The night before Sunday, a game operator from a local nature entrepreneur recorded a picture of a bear with an iron trapped in a small predator caught in the right forepaw.

The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation has suggested that the immediately lethal iron traps for small predators should be banned. The union is concerned that animals other than those that are being hunted with gear may be lost on the iron routes.

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Finland according to the game center, similar cases occur every few years.

“There are probably tens of thousands of irons in the terrain, but rarely do these happen or come to light. Now, however, it seems that there have been cases a little more often than usual, ”said the game designer Marko Muuttola on Monday in an HS interview.



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