Large carnivores A bear licking a trapping leg is going to be anesthetized in Joensuu – If the mother of four puppies cannot be saved, it is fate to stop

According to police, the injured mother and her four puppies are the latest findings from last week.

In Joensuu the authorities will continue to work to catch, anesthetize and examine the injured bear mother. An iron for catching small predators is attached to the forefoot of a bear. Police said in early July that the iron had been on the bear’s foot for a long time.

Now, a cage has been taken into the terrain to catch the bear, to which an attempt is made to attract the bear with food.

“The cage is up and running, action has been taken some time ago,” says the commissioner Sami Joutjärvi About the police in Eastern Finland.

The police have received the help of the Finnish Game Center and the Natural Resources Center (Luke) for an emergency operation. The game center has provided a cage, and Luke’s experts are tasked with anesthetizing the bear.

“If someone is able to do anesthesia in Finland, the Natural Resources Center is the most experienced in it,” says Joutjärvi.

Once the bear is anesthetized, a veterinarian familiar with large carnivores is expected to assess its injuries and whether the bear is able to cope with them.

But first the animal should be caught and it is not quite simple. However, based on the pictures, it is known quite precisely where the mother and her puppies have moved, Joutjärvi says. Police are asking outsiders to avoid moving around the area and give the experts peace of mind.

Joutjärvi estimates that observations of bears will be made at the latest when bear hunting begins on 20 August. Then there are a lot of hunters on the move in the terrain.

According to Joutjärvi, the alternative is still to stop the bears if the mother cannot be saved or if there is a danger to humans from the bear family.

According to police, the injured mother and her four puppies are the latest findings from last week. Initially, the number of puppies was estimated at three, but later it was confirmed that there are four puppies.

According to police, the puppies are this year. The first winter is the most critical for the puppies, then they still need the help of the mother.



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