Länsi-Pohja Central Hospital receives an exemption for continuing childbirth

The exemption will be granted until the end of June 2023.

In Kemi Länsi-Pohja Central Hospital will receive an exemption to continue childbirth, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (STM) announced on Friday. The exemption is valid until the end of June 2023.

The continuation of childbirths in Länsi-Pohja has been at stake, as the central hospital handles fewer births each year than would in principle require the continuation of operations. Exemptions are required for births if their number decreases to less than a thousand per year.

In 2019, 422 births were treated at Länsi-Pohja Central Hospital, and this year the number of births has been almost at the same level, according to STM.

“The resources of the Central Hospital are quite scarce, but the Lapland Regional State Administrative Agency has stated that the conditions for childbirth in terms of patient safety are met,” STM writes in the press release.

The births have been treated at Länsi-Pohja Central Hospital with an exception since 2015.

Ministerial According to the Commission, the derogation is now granted for a transitional period at a time when the preparation of the draft law on the organization of social and health care is progressing.

“The exemption will be granted for a limited period until the end of June 2023, so that the future welfare area has time to discuss and plan activities also from the perspective of childbirth,” says the Minister of Family and Basic Services Krista Kiuru (sd) in the bulletin.

“Although not all the conditions of the previous exemption granted in 2018 were in favor of continuing childbirth, I believe that in this situation it would have been unreasonable to adhere to these conditions. It must be taken into account that when the hospital districts merge into a welfare area, a plan for arranging childbirth may still be born, ”he continues.

In maritime Lapland The fate of Länsi-Pohja Hospital in 2006 has been the subject of a wider debate in connection with the reform of social and health services. You can read HS’s extensive article on the subject from here.

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