Land swimming pools Food and drink will soon be available from the swimming stadium: “You have been asked after the kiosk”

An entrepreneur familiar from previous years is aiming to start at Stikika as early as Tuesday. The Kumpula inland swimming pool also opened on Monday.

Helsinki The first week of the swimming stadium was spent without any kiosk services. According to the city, the conclusion of leases was delayed due to uncertainty caused by interest rate restrictions.

Helsinki Sports Venue Manager Petteri Huurre says the lease has been agreed on Monday, June 7th. The kiosk entrepreneur is scheduled to start at Uimastadion immediately on Tuesday.

“We ended our café contracts after last summer, and there has been uncertainty about when the inland swimming pools will open, or whether they will open at all,” Huurre says.

A café has been opened at the Kumpula inland swimming pool, which opened today, right from the opening day.

Frost according to the preparations for the opening of the swimming stadium were also made for the kiosk, but due to contract negotiations, the opening of the kiosk was delayed by a week. He says it was a normal lease process.

“Originally, the lease of the kiosk was to be put out to tender, but even when it was not known in March whether the open-air swimming pools could be opened all summer, a long-term contract could not be made,” says Huurre.

Now the kiosk has been leased under a summer-long contract to an entrepreneur who has already worked at the Swimming Stadium in previous years. According to Huurte, customers have been waiting for the kiosk to open.

“There have been inquiries behind the kiosk, but luckily we will be able to play again tomorrow,” he commented.

Helsinki Drug stadium was opened a week ago on June 1, and the opening got people queuing for the pool even before morning. Also on the weekend reported long queues.

Responsible for the swimming stadium and Kumpula underground swimming pools Kara Koskinen says there has been no particular congestion during the opening week, with the exception of momentary queues.

According to him, there have been various customers in about 1,000-2,000 days. Currently, 1,200 customers can be admitted to inland swimming pools at one time, depending on the corona restrictions.

Also The opening of the Kumpula inland swimming pool, which opened on Monday, is said to have gone well. According to Koskinen, the most enthusiastic people were there waiting before the doors opened, but otherwise there has been no congestion.

“People are happy to have the services opened. The indoor swimming pools are legendary recreational areas for the townspeople, and some consider them just like their summer cottages, ”Koskinen describes the atmosphere of the opening week.

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