Labor struggles | The district court banned the ICU strikes

The first strike concerning intensive care units was scheduled to start in Kanta-Hämee on Monday.

Helsinki the district court has prohibited the initiation of strikes in the intensive care units in the area of ​​all three hospital districts with a temporary decision.

The matter was confirmed to Helsingin Sanomat by the directors of the hospital districts of Northern Finland and Northern Ostrobothnia. HS has not yet received actual decisions from the district court.

The day-long nurses’ strike regarding intensive care was about to start at Kanta-Häme Central Hospital on the night between Thursday and Friday, but Tehy announced on Tuesday that the start of the strike would be moved. The new start time of the Kanta-Häme strike was the night between Sunday and Monday.

The next intensive care unit strikes were about to start after Kanta-Häme during the end of the month in Turku and Oulu.

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